Fibre Optic System

Benchmark Eelecronics Ssystems (S) Pvt Ltd - Chennai

M/S. Benchmark design develops and manufacturers laboratory systems and trainer kits, in Fiber Optic communication and computer network labs for Engineering institutions and Universities worldwide. For more than one and half decade, Benchmark has been making available high technology products to Education/ Research community at affordable price.

Optical Fiber and Digital Communications Trainer :

The Benchmark OFT optical Fiber Trainer is a powerful, versatile and cost effective experimenter kit usable to train personnel at all levels from beginner to expert.
The OFT Trainer facilitates demonstration, training & experimentation in basic and advanced concepts including

  • Principles of fiber-optic communications
  • Basics of digital base band communications
  • Advanced experimentation and development in fiber optic digital communications

Optical Fiber Laboratory Systems :

The Benchmark OFS series of Fiber Optic Laboratory Systems provides Fiber Optic user organization with a range of solutions for training their personal in Fiber Optic concepts and practices.

The Benchmark OFS System includes following items
Power Meters Sources, Attenuators OTDR
Splicing Kit Connectorisation Kit WDM Kit etc

Benchmark LAN � Trainer

LAN-T is a versatile kit that allows to do right from simple experiments using the given stand-alone application up to writing down experiments to try out various network protocols and to study the network behaviors under various conditions. The experiment software that comes with the LAN-T is more flexi le in using the kit to meet the above objective.

Benchmark iSecuriT- Cryptography &Network security Assurance Lab

The Benchmark SecuriT is an innovative way of training users on best practices in network security concepts and giving hands on experience on network security and cryptography topics. The training modules introduce different network security risks with emphasis on the attacks and counter measures to be adopted for various services.

We offer the full Range of Fiber Optic Test Instruments
OFT – Optical Fiber Trainer FOPM 101 (Si) – Power Meter
FOPS 101 (850nm) – Light Source FOTR110 – 2MHz Plastic fiber Analog Link
LED Module PD Module
LD Module APD Module
OTDR Building Block FORX200 – M – 5Mbps Digital Receiver
Loose Jacketed Multimode Glass Fiber  -500m Special PCBs – 1set assembled + 5 sets unassembled