Pico Oscilloscopes

PicoScope, the modern alternative to the traditional benchtop oscilloscope.

Oscilloscopes, Data Loggers, VNA and Automotive Scopes

Pico Oscilloscopes

Pico is the market leader in PC Oscilloscopes — the modern alternative to traditional benchtop oscilloscopes.

VNA/RF Products

Signal sources, Vector Network Analyzers and a wide range of RF accessories.

Automotive Oscilloscopes

Pico automotive oscilloscopes work with any bike, car or truck and make it easier — and faster — for you to find faults.

Pico Oscilloscope Range

Device Types and Series

PicoScope® 2000 Series

Ultra-compact range of 8-bit oscilloscopes and mixed-signal oscilloscopes (MSO). 2000B models offer more memory and bandwidth. All models are USB-powered and have a built-in function generator and AWG.

Channels2 or 4 (+16 digital with MSO)
Bandwidth10 to 100 MHz
Max Sampling1 GS/s
Memory8 kS to 128 MS
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PicoScope® 3000 Series

General-purpose 8-bit oscilloscopes and mixed-signal oscilloscopes (MSO) that combine fast sampling rates with class-leading deep buffer memories. All models have a built-in function generator and AWG.

Channels2 or 4 (+16 digital with MSO)
Bandwidth50 to 200 MHz
Max Sampling1 GS/s
Memory64 MS to 512 MS
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PicoScope® 4000 Series

High-resolution oscilloscopes with 12 to 16-bit resolution. Low noise and distortion provide unmatched signal fidelity. All are USB-powered and most include an AWG. Series includes differential-input models – PicoScope 4444 & PicoScope 4262 models.

Channels2, 4 or 8
Bandwidth5 to 20 MHz
Max Sampling80 MS/s
Memory10 MS to 256 MS
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PicoScope® 5000 Series

Flexible Resolution Oscilloscopes. Breakthrough ADC technology allows a range of hardware resolutions from 8 to 16 bits. Combines the high sampling rate of the PicoScope 3000 Series with the high resolution of the PicoScope 4000 Series

Channels2 or 4 (+16 digital with MSO)
Bandwidth60 to 200 MHz
Max Sampling1 GS/s
Memory128 MS to 512 MS
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PicoScope® 6000 Series

High-performance oscilloscopes with up to 3 GHz bandwidth, 8 or 8-12 bit flexible resolution and ultra-deep capture memory that delivers 200 ms capture duration at maximum sample rate of 10 GS/s. Optional MSO pods add up to 16 digital channels.

Channels4 or 8 (+ 16 digital, optional with MSO)
Bandwidth300 MHz to 3 GHz
Max Sampling10 GS/s
Memory1 GS to 4 GS
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PicoScope® 9000 Series

The unique PicoScope SXRTOs and Sampling Oscilloscopes for data eye diagram, speed and jitter analysis out to 16 Gb/s. 9.5 GHz optical, clock recovery and differential TDR/TDT options.

Channels2 or 4
Bandwidth5 GHz to 30 GHz
Max Sampling500 MS/s
Memory250 kS
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PicoScope USB Oscilloscope Selector

ProductChannelsMSOBandwidthSample rateMemoryResolutionSGAWGUSB powered
PicoScope 2204A210 MHz100 MS/s8 kS8YesYesYes
PicoScope 2205A225 MHz200 MS/s16 kS8YesYesYes
PicoScope 2206B250 MHz500 MS/s32 MS8YesYesYes
PicoScope 2205A MSO2Yes25 MHz500 MS/s48 kS8YesYesYes
PicoScope 2405A425 MHz500 MS/s48 kS8YesYesYes
PicoScope 2207B270 MHz1 GS/s64 MS8YesYesYes
PicoScope 3203D250 MHz1 GS/s64 MS8YesYesYes
PicoScope 2406B450 MHz1 GS/s32 MS8YesYesYes
PicoScope 2206B MSO2Yes50 MHz1 GS/s32 MS8YesYesYes
PicoScope 2208B2100 MHz1 GS/s128 MS8YesYesYes
PicoScope 3204D270 MHz1 GS/s128 MS8YesYesYes
PicoScope 2207B MSO2Yes70 MHz1 GS/s64 MS8YesYesYes
PicoScope 4224A220 MHz80 MS/s256 MS12YesYesYes
PicoScope 2407B470 MHz1 GS/s64 MS8YesYesYes
PicoScope 3203D MSO2Yes50 MHz1 GS/s64 MS8YesYesYes
PicoScope 3403D450 MHz1 GS/s64 MS8YesYesYes
PicoScope 3205D2100 MHz1 GS/s256 MS8YesYesYes
PicoScope 3204D MSO2Yes70 MHz1 GS/s128 MS8YesYesYes
PicoScope 2208B MSO2Yes100 MHz1 GS/s128 MS8YesYesYes
PicoScope 2408B4100 MHz1 GS/s128 MS8YesYesYes
PicoScope 3404D470 MHz1 GS/s128 MS8YesYesYes
PicoScope 3403D MSO4Yes50 MHz1 GS/s64 MS8YesYesYes
PicoScope 5242D260 MHz1 GS/s128 MS16YesYesYes
PicoScope 426225 MHz10 MS/s16 MS16YesYesYes
PicoScope 4424A420 MHz80 MS/s256 MS12YesYesYes
PicoScope 3205D MSO2Yes100 MHz1 GS/s256 MS8YesYesYes
PicoScope 4444420 MHz400 MS/s256 MS14Yes
PicoScope 3206D2200 MHz1 GS/s512 MS8YesYesYes
PicoScope 3404D MSO4Yes70 MHz1 GS/s128 MS8YesYesYes
PicoScope 5242D MSO2Yes60 MHz1 GS/s128 MS16YesYesYes
PicoScope 3405D4100 MHz1 GS/s256 MS8YesYesYes
PicoScope 5243D2100 MHz1 GS/s256 MS16YesYesYes
PicoScope 3206D MSO2Yes200 MHz1 GS/s512 MS8YesYesYes
PicoScope 5442D460 MHz1 GS/s128 MS16YesYesYes
PicoScope 3405D MSO4Yes100 MHz1 GS/s256 MS8YesYesYes
PicoScope 5243D MSO2Yes100 MHz1 GS/s256 MS16YesYesYes
PicoScope 5244D2200 MHz1 GS/s512 MS16YesYesYes
PicoScope 5442D MSO4Yes60 MHz1 GS/s128 MS16YesYesYes
PicoScope 3406D4200 MHz1 GS/s512 MS8YesYesYes
PicoScope 5244D MSO2Yes200 MHz1 GS/s512 MS16YesYesYes
PicoScope 5443D4100 MHz1 GS/s256 MS16YesYesYes
PicoScope 4824A820 MHz80 MS/s256 MS12YesYesYes
PicoScope 3406D MSO4Yes200 MHz1 GS/s512 MS8YesYesYes
PicoScope 5443D MSO4Yes100 MHz1 GS/s256 MS16YesYesYes
PicoScope 5444D4200 MHz1 GS/s512 MS16YesYesYes
PicoScope 5444D MSO4Yes200 MHz1 GS/s512 MS16YesYesYes
PicoScope 6403E4Yes300 MHz5 GS/s1 GS8YesYes
PicoScope 6404E4Yes500 MHz5 GS/s2 GS8YesYes
PicoScope 6424E4Yes500 MHz5 GS/s4 GS12YesYes
PicoScope 6405E4Yes750 MHz5 GS/s4 GS8YesYes
PicoScope 6425E4Yes750 MHz5 GS/s4 GS12YesYes
PicoScope 9402-0525 GHz1 TS/s250 kS12
PicoScope 6804E8Yes500 MHz5 GS/s2 GS8YesYes
PicoScope 6406E4Yes750 MHz5 GS/s4 GS8YesYes
PicoScope 6824E8Yes500 MHz5 GS/s4 GS12YesYes
PicoScope 9404-0545 GHz1 TS/s250 kS12Yes
PicoScope 6426E4Yes1 GHz5 GS/s4 GS12YesYes
PicoScope 9301-20220 GHz15 TS/s32 kS16Yes
PicoScope 9302-20220 MHz15 TS/s32 kS16Yes
PicoScope 9402-16216 GHz2.5 TS/s250 kS12
PicoScope 9311-20220 GHz15 TS/s32 kS16Yes
PicoScope 6428E-D4Yes3 GHz10 GS/s4 GS12YesYes
PicoScope 9301-25225 GHz1 MS/s32 kS16Yes
PicoScope 9301-30230 GHz1 MS/s32 kS16Yes
PicoScope 9404-16416 GHz2.5 TS/s250 kS12Yes
PicoScope 9341-20420 GHz15 TS/s32 kS16Yes
PicoScope 9321-20220 GHz15 TS/s32 kS16Yes
PicoScope 9341-30430 GHz1 MS/s32 kS16Yes