EA-BT 20000 Series

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EA-BT 20000 Series

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EA-BT 20000 Series

Optimized for battery testing and battery simulation, the EA-BT 20000 Series are fully bidirectional supplies, allowing full control for both discharging and charging battery cells, packs, or modules. A max power of 30kW and the ability to parallel channels for up to 1800 A allows you to scale a solution to meet your needs. Included regenerative technology recovers energy during battery discharge or while simulating a charging battery and feeds that energy back into the local grid that would otherwise be lost as heat, reducing operating expenses and HVAC costs.

3 Channels – multiply your throughput: The EA-BT 20000 Triple battery tester brings three 10kW channels to a single 4U instrument. Each channel can be controlled individually to maximize test throughput, or paralleled together for higher current when test needs require.

Up to 30 kWUp to 2000 VUp to 1000 A

Key Features


  • 3 channels with up to 600 A or 1800 A in parallel
  • Max. power 30 kW
  • For simultaneous testing of up to three battery packs with 4 kW / 6 kW or 10 kW per channel


  • For battery characterization and capacity measurements in production or R&D
  • Measurement of voltage and current with high accuracy
  • High control accuracy


  • 1 ms communication speed for maximized data throughput
  • Connection to control PC via GBit Ethernet, ProfiNet, CAN-FD, or EtherCAT™

Battery tests

  • Testing of the electrical characteristics of a battery
  • SOH (State-of-Health) for Second Life Classification
  • End-of-Line (EOL) Testing
  • Can be run in an automated test system or stand-alone

Battery simulation

  • Simulation of batteries as single cells, modules or packs
  • For optimal design of the energy storage system as well as the components to be tested
  • When reproducible data is required
  • With overcurrent protection (OCP) for safe function and protection of the connected loads

Battery recycling

  • For complete discharge of the battery before final recycling
  • Maximum possible deep discharge at high charge current, even at voltages below 2 V

The features at a glance:

  • Wide range input: 208 V – 480 V, +10%, 3ph AC
  • Active power factor correction, typical 0.99
  • Battery tester, 2-quadrant for charging and discharging
  • In discharge mode regenerative with energy recovery back to the grid
  • Very high efficiency of up to more than 96 %
  • Voltages from 0 – 10 V up to 0 – 920 V
  • High power with up to 10 kW per channel
  • Currents from 0 – 40 A up to 0 – 600 A per channel
  • Flexible power regulated DC output/input stages (autoranging)
  • Control modes CV, CC, CP, CR with fast transition Digital control, high resolution with 16bit ADCs and DACs, control speed selection: Normal, Fast, Slow
  • Galvanically isolated share bus for parallel operation
  • Share-bus for parallel operation
  • Built-in interfaces with 1 ms communication speed
  • Typical battery tester functionality integrated
  • Integrated battery test mode, battery simulation
  • Command languages and drivers: SCPI and ModBus, LabVIEW, IVI 

Models Overview


EA-BT 20000 Triple 4U

4kW per ch. to 10kW per ch.

0 to 920V

40A per ch. to 600A per ch.

EA-BT 20000 4U


0 to 2000V

0 to 1000A

EA-BT 20000 3U


0 to 2000V

0 to 600A

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