PicoScope 6428E-D Oscilloscope

The Industry’s Most Flexible, High Performing, and Intelligent Regenerative Series

NEW! PicoScope 6428E-D Oscilloscope

Ultra-deep-memory, high-performance oscilloscopes and MSOs

PicoScope 6428E-D

We are delighted to introduce to you the PicoScope 6428E-D Oscilloscope, a cutting-edge device designed for applications demanding superior performance in signal analysis. The new oscilloscope extends the capabilities of the existing PicoScope 6000E Series, making it an ideal tool for scientists and researchers working in high-energy physics, LIDAR, VISAR, spectroscopy, accelerators, and other high-speed applications. 

The PicoScope 6428E-D extends the analog bandwidth of the PicoScope 6000E Series to 3 GHz. Featuring four ranges between ±50 mV and ±500 mV, it seamlessly integrates into various systems requiring 50 Ω measurements. When paired with an active or passive probe, its capabilities are further enhanced. It is the ideal solution for continuous measurements in systems where space and cost considerations are paramount.

Key Features

  • Up to 3 GHz bandwidth
  • 8-bit to 12-bit FlexRes® ADC
  • A choice of 4 (up to 3 GHz) or 8 (up to 500 MHz) analog channels
  • Supports up to 16 digital MSO channels
  • 200 ms capture time at 5 GS/s
  • Up to 10 GS/s with the PicoScope 6428E-D
  • Up to 4 GS capture memory
  • 50 MHz 200 MS/s 14-bit AWG
  • 300 000 waveforms per second update rate
  • PicoScope, PicoLog® and PicoSDK® software included
  • 38 serial protocol decoder/analyzers included
  • Mask limit testing and user-definable actions
  • High-resolution time-stamping of waveforms
  • Over ten million DeepMeasure™ results per acquisition
  • Advanced triggers: edge, window, pulse width, window pulse width, level dropout, window dropout, interval, runt, rise/fall time and logic

Built for speed!

With up to 3 GHz bandwidth complemented by an extremely fast, real-time sampling rate of 10 GS/s, the PicoScope 6428E-D can display single-shot pulses with 100 ps time resolution. This level of sampling rate allows you to capture very fast, high-frequency signals with precision, for detailed signal analysis.

The 4-gigasample buffer can hold up to two 200 ms captures at the maximum sampling rate of 10 GS/s. This means you can record multiple instances of a signal or capture different signal conditions.

The PicoScope 6428E-D is designed for scientists, engineers and researchers working in high-speed applications, including high-energy physics, particle acceleration, LIDAR and VISAR, who need to capture, measure and analyze sub-nanosecond waveform events – either in stand-alone applications or integrated as part of a larger system.

PicoScope 6428E-D with MSO, 3 GHz, 10 GS/s, flexible resolution & SDK support

The PicoScope 6428E-D adds a high-speed oscilloscope to the PicoScope 6000E Series with high bandwidth 50 Ω inputs and a reduced set of input ranges. Larger input signals can be accommodated with the use of external attenuators or probes designed to be used with a 50 Ω input, such as the TA062 1.5 GHz low-impedance passive oscilloscope probe with 10:1 attenuation or the PicoConnect 900 Series of passive probes.

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